Season Fever

by And How!

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Frank Lindsey
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Frank Lindsey Fully realized auditory imagery without being overproduced. Favorite track: Bright Shells.
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Written, Performed and Recorded by Makka West
Mixed and Mastered by Rishi Daftuar
Album Artwork by Devin Utah


released November 15, 2015

Additional Instrumentation On Tracks 1 & 3
Guitar - Nick Toma
Bass - Will Darity
Drums - Will Miller
Keys - Gabriel Baldasare
Recorded by Emily Musolino



all rights reserved


And How! Durham, North Carolina

experimental electronic songwriting. short fictions and dreams

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Track Name: Season Fever
Come and see me in the summertime
We'll fill our heads with lies so wet and sweet
You tell me you're not ready yet
I say you're just like me
But we know it's the sunshine's to blame
Leaves you blinded, docile and tame
And now you're not sure what your name is this year

Come and see me in the autumn time
We'll fill our heads with promises to keep
You tell me you can't see the shore
I say you're in too deep
But we know it's the trees are to blame
Leaves are falling, death wins his game
And now we move forward with no way to steer

Come and see me in the wintertime
We'll fill our heads with secrets found in sleep
You tell me that you're done for good
I say you've gotten weak
But we know it's the cold that's to blame
Tongues are freezing, words come out strange
And all of your terrible joy becomes clear

But in the springtime
None of them spoken for
All of them clean
Track Name: Midnight Breakfast
Your proposal, cast it through me
It's hard to beat this castle breathing
Take your shoes off, kiss the future
You'd rejoice if you just knew her

If I missed you, I'd not say it
I'd just be it. Then we'd play it right
Fossil water's in your raincoat
Pockets seep out, just like egg yolks

Flicker forward, not an answer
A sky-sized moon is rolling westward
Midnight breakfast in your kitchen
Best damn thing I've ever eaten
Track Name: Spider Hill
Heat throughout the day until we sweat our minds
At night we rise to meet the things we came to find
And while the desert sand is filling up our shoes
The stars show us we've got much more to gain than lose

And I thought I'd seen it all

Dune, the fickle moon, and all our secrets showing
No more can we ignore the strange ideas growing
And up on Spider Hill, Joanna cries, "We've seen!"
While I, with all my woes, can only sit and dream

And when it doesn't stay long, stay for the present time
Hope it doesn't stay long if the morning is unkind

True, we're almost through, though we don't dare to say it
Who knows? The way back home could be just as archaic
The night is fading soon, and with it goes our sight
God knows I've never had such clarity in the light

And if it never returns, sunburns are what I see in days to come
Hope it soon returns and my mind becomes undone

It's all undone
Track Name: Bright Shells
I can tell by the way you breathe, you've got a card up your sleeve, and I can guess the suit
Summer here is a state of mind. You can find the right time today
People talk like they know the way, but allow me to say they're all just guessing
If you want, you can go get lost. You know the only real cost is time

I can tell by your sunny eyes that you don't need a surprise to get you on your feet
We've been talking for twenty hours. Conversation devours the day
People talk like they've got it hard, but when you show them your cards, they're mostly bluffing
It's a feeling that has to fade, but not now 'cause today is mine

I've got to say it while I can
Track Name: SkyHoller
It's feeling like a brand new day
So much to say, so come on and let me tell ya about it
I've opened up to learn the score
I'll stray no more devoid of something to believe in

A hunger for a face that's new
We say we're through with the old but we can't live without it
So tell me brother, how's your fire?
No time for liars devoid of something to believe in

I can see for miles around
And hear all sounds from the void, so let me tell ya about it
I can feel a thousand years
A thousand tears shed for something to believe in

And you don't have to break your tooth
I see those truths that you hold, but you can live without 'em
So tell me sister, how's your flame?
Not much to blame when you've got something to believe in

Are we not satisfied?
It's something I give, something I feel, something I taste
Are we not satisfied?
It's something I live, something I steal, something I waste